Coleman Hot Tub (Lay-Z Spa)

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General features

Coleman Hot Tub (Lay-Z Spa) is a portable jacuzzi which attracted many customers as soon as it appeared on the global market. With its recognizable green color, which is a trademark color of Coleman and they use it on almost all of their products, this portable hot tub spa was visually appealing and refreshing, so customers rushed to buy one for their backyard. Coleman hot tub is a very durable and long-lasting inflatable hot tub but is also nicely designed and can add a touch of class and style to your old garden. Since it has a very low price, which is actually the lowest of all the hot tubs that we have in our review, we can say that this item certainly belongs to the group of cheap hot tubs for sale, but it is also evident that this product deserves to be referred to as “luxury on a budget”. With a price of only  $369, this Coleman hot tub can be attractive to many people and due to this low price – this product has seen amazing success and it has been sold in large quantities.

Gallons of water
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i-beamconstruction-250x300All inflatable hot tubs and spas have several elements and characteristics that are important and anybody who knows a thing or two about this field will always take a look there first. For example, the number of jets is a highly relevant factor, and we can say that Coleman Lay-Z Inflatable Hot Tub delivers on this front. With 120 powerful jets, this portable jacuzzi is a highly efficient system when it comes to hydromassage and there is no doubt that even the most demanding of customers will be satisfied with the strength and the effects of this treatment. Coleman hot tub can hold up to 254 gallons of water, and this is a very big quantity.

It is designed to accommodate four people, but since there are no seats on the sides and you sit on a kind of inflatable mattress – this number can be expanded to six, depending on the size and weight of the people in question.

Besides a very powerful hydromassage system, there is another sophisticated system incorporated into this inflatable hot tub and it is called a rapid heating system. This means that computer-regulated heating can accelerate the process and heating and, therefore, save energy and time, which is very important when it comes to outdoor jacuzzi tubs. People who buy them want to have the lowest possible amount of expenses, and they are satisfied with the fact that this system can heat up water at a rate of 2-3 degrees per hour, which implies that the entire quantity of water can be heated to a maximum level in 24 hours. Maximum temperature is 104 degrees Fahrenheit and it is limited by a safety thermostat, in order to prevent overheating and possible injuries.

67213-coleman-lay-z-spa2The whole heating “thing” is controlled by a set of commands located in a digital control panel that serves as the brain of the entire spa system. Several options and features can be selected here, and users can select the desired temperature, turn bubbling jets on and off and alter some other attributes when it comes to water and your massage. This modern accessory is designed in a stylish, minimalist approach and the actual commands are evidently created out of a very resistant and durable material. As every good control panel should be, this one also is very simple and customers usually have no problems with figuring out what each command means. For instance, you set the temperature by pressing the upper key if you need a higher degree of heat, and you decrease the desired temperature by pressing the lower key – as simple as it can be.

When it comes to the quality of the water, all Coleman hot tub reviews have to emphasize the integrated filtration system, which plays a role of the cleaner and protects the users from all impurities and bacteria. There are two filter cartridges that are included with this portable hot tuband this means that the quality of the water is top notch. Also, a chemical floater comes as a part of the package when you buy aColeman hot tub and manufacturer recommends that you use bromine as a filler for this gadget, but some people use chlorine with no problems, so the choice is entirely personal.

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67213-coleman-lay-z-spa4Once you have your water cleaned and nicely heated, you sure do not want to be in a situation where the water cools off in a matter of minutes. In order to prevent rapid cooling, Coleman jacuzzi hot tub comes equipped with an insulated cover that has aluminum foil in the middle and it therefore prevents the heat from leaving too soon. Besides being useful during the heating process, this piece is beneficial when it comes to safety and security since small children or pets are prevented from falling into the hot water. It also serves as a good barrier for all sorts of debris and it protects the quality of the water by not allowing anything to get into the pool.

Besides the cover, the sides of the hot tub also play an important part when it comes to heating and managing a large amount of water, so people from Coleman knew that they had to make the best possible sides for their hot tub. In order to get this right, they invested a lot of time and effort into research and it definitely looks like they found the winning formula. The material that they used is called Tri-Tech and it basically presents a layer of polyester in the middle covered on both sides with PVC. Since there are three layers used to create this material, it is extremely efficient when it comes to heating but it is also puncture-resistant and resilient to many kinds of usually harmful activities. Because of the fact that inner space is filled with I-beams, the sides of the tub are strong and stable, which means that grown ups can be free to sit on the sides and sink they feet in the bubbly water without any fears of tumbling over or bending the sides.

How to use Coleman Hot Tub

Buying a Coleman hot tub is one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to acquiring a portable jacuzzi, but your job is not over once you sign the check and load the box in your car. All inflatable hot tubs have to be filled with air before they can be used, and after that they are filled with water, which all seems pretty logical, doesn’t it? Well, in order to make this process faster, Coleman Lay Z Spa parts include a blower, which means that the air will fill the sides of your outdoor hot tub in a matter of minutes. Once this activity is over, you are left with a big surface ready to be filled with water and your should definitely do so if you want your tired body to relax in the pleasant atmosphere and soothing effects of the massage system. Water will take a bit more time than air to fill the tub, but this process also can be finished in half an hour or slightly more. To completely set the Coleman jacuzzi hot tub and install it properly it should not take you more than an hour, even if you are a total beginner. This only shows how straightforward and simple is the process of setting everything up, and this is an element that attracts a lot of customers to this product. Also, before you start with the blowing of air and filling with water you need to find a suitable position, i.e. a flat area large enough to accommodate this portable hot tub and to have some extra room for users to get in and out of the jacuzzi.


Coleman spa pumps water into your back so nicely that you will think you died and went to Heaven, and it will be so efficient and respond to your every request that you will be angry at yourself for not buying it earlier. The relatively low price of this item is something that you should use, as soon as possible, and this review was hopefully successful in introducing this model to your knowledge.