Intex 77in Pure Spa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

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Intex 77in Pure Spa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set, outdoor jacuzzi, is probably the most popular of all hot tubs on the market. Due to its low price and loads of features, this Intexportable hot tub is attractive to people from different backgrounds and different social classes, and this is the reason for its high selling numbers. The price of this awesome inflatable hot tub is just $389, which may even seem unreal if you look at the prices of other jacuzzi tubs and the range of attributes which this particular hot tub posses.

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General features

This is a portable spa that can accommodate 4 people, but some clients say that even 6 people can easily gather in and around this lovely bubbling pool. The massage system consists of 120 jets, which are very strong and potent, with enough power to provide both strong and gentle stimulation. Since people use spas and hot tubs to relax and heal their body, Intex inflatable hot tub is a great option and they will not be disappointed by both of these elements.

$_3$_3Intex hot tub heating system is famous for its efficiency and the ability to heat up large volumes of water in a very short time. Because of the fact that the cover of this hot tub is insulated with aluminum, there is no “leakage” when it comes to heat and it circles around almost like in a boiling pot. By the way, there is a thermostat switch that will prevent the water from overheating and the maximum level of temperature is 104 degrees Fahrenheit so you don’t need to worry about injuries or burning yourself in hot water. The sides of the tub are also insulated and they are created by Fiber Tech, which is a 3-layered material and it is puncture resistant.

This Intex inflatable hot tub also has hard water treatment system, which makes the water smooth and soothing so you will have no problems with the quality of the bubbles in your bath.

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There are several other features that are a part of this product, such as a digital control panel, floating chemical dispenser and a carry bag, but all of them are perfectly combined into a solid unit that makes this hot tub perhaps the best portable hot tub on the market at the moment.