Intex 77in Pure Spa Portable Jet&Bubble Deluxe Massage Set

Our Score: 3.9

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With a 4 people seating capacity and 210 gallons of water, you can even invite your friends or family to join you in this deluxe edition, but they will surely have the desire to have the same inflatable hot tub since the price of this model is $803, which is relatively affordable when it comes to the cost of outdoor hot tubs.

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General features

Intex_79In_X_79In_X28In_PureSpa_Portable_Jet_Bubble_Deluxe_S_1_resThis model got his name from the fact that the massage system of this Intexportable hot tub consists of two types of jets: 4 high-performance massage jets and 120 bubble jets. This provides users with a unique experience, which will leave them feeling rejuvenated and stress-free after they are finished with their time in the hot water. The temperature of the water can go up to a maximum of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, which is enough to suit the needs of any kind of customers. 3-ply laminated material and an insulated cover are also a part of this product and they enable fast heating and the cover plays a role of a safety feature since it has a lock as well.

intex-pure-spa-4-person-inflatable-portable-jet-bubble-massage-hot-tub-28453e-4a4f45a717fd2e594406beb6fc77c3e5Intex 77in Pure Spa Portable Jet&Bubble Deluxe Massage Set comes with a revolutionary salt water sanitation system and there is also a hard water treatment system, which means that you will have absolutely no problems with the quality of water in your portable hot tub. Of course, you need to maintain the hygiene of the tub by changing filters, and this can be easily done since two filter cartridges are coming together with the inflatable hot tub.

Also, Intex heating system is known for its quality and this guarantees that the temperature of the water will be as you want it to be.

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Intex inflatable hot tubs are among the best in the market, and they prove this fact with every new model that they create. When it comes to their Deluxe version, we can say that it certainly deserves its name and that the quality of this model is impressive. Because of its slightly higher price many readers could say that it doesn’t belong in the group of cheap hot tubs for sale, but when you consider the fact that this is a model that can accommodate 6 people and that it has two types of jets – you can clearly see that the price is more than a bargain. People who are looking for an outdoor hot tub with the best features should certainly take a look at this product, and they will probably be very satisfied that this inflatable hot tub review opened their eyes for them and showed them this amazing portable hot tub.

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