Intex 85in Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

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This inflatable hot tub is highly similar to the 77in version and we could say that this is just its bigger brother, since the only real difference is in the size. Because of those extra few inches in diameter, this Intex inflatable hot tub is able to accommodate six people with no problems. Bigger dimensions mean more space, and they also mean that more water can come into the pool. This model can take up to 290 gallons of water, which is a pretty large amount when it comes to outdoor jacuzzi hot tubs. This amount of water requires more energy than some smaller hot tubs would need, and this may be one of the downsides of having such a big portable hot tub in your yard.

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However, there are many positive sides to being an owner of this beauty, mostly because your backyard can become the favorite place for your friends and family to hang out. Six people are even enough to throw a nice party, and this is just one of many things you can do with this Intex portable hot tub. Since this is a relatively large outdoor jacuzzi, you would expect it to be abnormally expensive, but the price of only $500 is certainly not too much for an outdoor hot tub of such quality.


General features

67217-intex-purespa-77-jet-massage-spa5Intex 85in Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set is designed to be the best 6 people hot tub on the market, and knowing how good are Intex hot tubs, this may well be the case. This portable hot tub has 120 highly powerful jets and they are providing excellent massage and work perfectly when you need to soothe some pain in your back or your joints. The sides are created from a material that has 3 layers and it is known as Fiber Tech, which is basically polyester covered with fabric on both sides. Due to this material and the construction of the inner walls, the sides of this Intex inflatable hot tub are very sturdy and users can easily sit on the sides and dip their feet in the hot water.

71Yqw0zgMLL._SX355_Hard water treatment system is included with this Intex hot tub, but there are many other additional features and items that come in a package together with this outdoor jacuzzi. For instance, there are two filter cartridges and they should be changed regularly. Also, this high-quality model comes with a digital control panel and this device presents the central point of the entire system and you can regulate many aspects of the hot tub’s performance with a simple click of a button.

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Intex has always produced top-notch products and this item is certainly one of them. Because of its size and quality, it presents a luxurious addition to any backyard, but it has a very affordable price and this makes it especially available to many people.